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Fountain Correctional Facility
Opened: 1955

Warden:           Jerry Ferrell

Phone: (251) 368-8122

Mailing Address:  Fountain 3800
                            Atmore, AL 36503-3800

Street Address:  9677 Hwy 21 N  Atmore, AL 36503

Capacity: 1,109
G.K. Fountain Correctional Facility originated in 1928 as the Moffett Prison Farm, later renamed Atmore Prison Farm until it burned in 1949. The facility was eventually rebuilt in 1955 and has a capacity for 855 medium custody inmates. The facility was named in honor of an officer killed in the line of duty. Located on 8,200 acres about seven miles north of Atmore on State Highway 21, Fountain maintains cattle, agricultural operations, and vegetable gardens. Additionally, the facility offers vocational programs through the nearby Jefferson Davis Community College. Fountain has an annual budget of approximately $8,132,000.
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