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It is often said in prison, "We do the crime, but the family does the time." Often the families, especially the women are the forgotten ones in someone else's incarceration. Kairos Outside reaches out to women who have relatives / friends who are or who have been incarcerated and former Residents who did not have the opportunity to attend a Kairos Inside while incarcerated. Any woman 20 years old or older who's life has been impacted by incarceration in any way is eligible to be a guest on a Kairos Outside Weekend.

Each Kairos Outside Weekend goal is to provide a safe place; to offer unconditional love and acceptance in a Christian setting; to encourage the sharing of one's "life journey" to create an opportunity for a relationship with God; to foster Spiritual growth; and to promote participation in Support Groups.

A Kairos Outside Weekend is a time of sharing, fun, music, an abundance of food and the making of new friends!

 Kairso Prison Ministry

Kairos of Alabama
PO Box 26586
Birmingham, Al

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