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Kilby Correctional Facility
Opened: 1969

Warden:           Frank Albright

Phone: (334) 215-6600

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 150
                            Mt. Meigs, AL 36057

Street Address:  12201 Wares Ferry Road
Montgomery, AL 36117

Capacity: 1,250
Kilby Correctional Facility was established December 1969, with a capacity for 440 inmates. Designed to be the receiving center for all male inmates, it had dormitories, 100 two-man cells, and a hospital unit. It is located on 154 acres outside of Montgomery.

Kilby is a maximum-security prison because all inmates, those with known or unknown criminal histories, are received into the Department for further evaluation, classification, and assignment to other correctional facilities in the system. Perimeter security is achieved with a double fence of 18-foot tall chain link mesh topped with razor wire, and overlooked by five towers. In addition to the Receiving and Classification Center, Kilby also furnishes the prison system with Hospital Services including medical and mental health treatment. The medical facilities provides comprehensive health care to include dental services, mental health care; and medical treatment which includes free world specialty care, and all related support services.

Kilby also maintains dog-tracking teams, which are used to assist local law enforcement agencies in tracking and apprehending escapees, suspects of crimes and missing persons. On-site employee training programs are conducted at Kilby for local security and support personnel within the Montgomery area.

Inmate programs offered by Kilby includes anger management, NA/AA, a chapter of the Volunteers in Corrections, sex offenders therapy, GED/ABE educational classes; 12-Step alcohol/drug counseling, chaplaincy services, and individual and group therapy offered as part of an on-going mental health program. Kilby also has a correctional industry plant for printing and graphic arts, and maintains an institutional garden for fresh produce.
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