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Kairos of Alabama
Facility Weekends

All of the facilities Kairos of Alabama works with are represented on the map. Each facility is shown in the county where it is approximately located. To access detailed information and exact location of an individual facility simply scroll down to find it. 

(The correctional facilities highlighted in "Blue" are facilities we currently do not work with.)

Limestone Correctional Facility

Opened: 1984

Warden: Billy Mitchem

Phone: (256) 233-4600

Mailing Address: 28779 Nick Davis Rd

                             Harvest, AL 35749

Street Address: 28779 Nick Davis Rd

Harvest, AL 35749

Capacity: 2,388

Limestone Correctional Facility opened during October 1984. The facility has about 1,600 acres of land with about 90 acres enclosed by the perimeter fence. Using dormitory type buildings, Limestone has a capacity for 2388 inmates. The facility is located approximately ten miles east of Athens, Alabama and approximately ten miles west of Huntsville, Alabama, in the community of Capshaw, Alabama. Limestone also has a farming and cattle operation.


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Hamilton Aged & Infirmed Facility

Opened: 1981

Warden: Freddie Butler

Phone: (205) 921-7453

Mailing Address: 223 Sasser Drive

                             Hamilton, AL 35570

Street Address: 223 Sasser Drive Hamilton, AL 35570

Capacity: 300

On May 10, 1981, the aged and infirmed inmates from Kilby Correctional Facility were moved to Hamilton into a refurbished facility purchased from the Alabama Mental Health Department. At the same time, the Hamilton Work Release Center located nearby in a previous road camp facility was closed. This established the Hamilton Aged and Infirmed Center (HAIC), which combined the two sub-populations groups into one facility. However, in August 1985, additional space was needed for an increasing aged and/or infirmed sub-population, and the work release element relocated back into the previous Work Release Center. HAIC has approximately five acres within a security fence, and houses minimum and medium custody inmates that are aged and/or infirmed. The medium custody A&I inmates are housed in such a manner as to provide adequate security along with the necessary medical services needed by each individual. A staff of minimum custody inmates provide facility upkeep and community work service.


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St. Clair Correctional Facility

Opened: 1983

Warden: Carter Davenport

Phone: (205) 467-6111

Mailing Address: 1000 St. Clair Road

                             Springville, AL 35146

Street Address: 1000 St. Clair Road Springville, AL 35146

Capacity: 1,324

St. Clair Correctional Facility opened on June 2, 1983 with a capacity for 1,324 maximum and below custody inmates. The facility is located on 600 acres with 62 acres fenced with the Department's first electronic perimeter security. St. Clair maintains about 365 life without parole inmates.

The Alabama Correctional Industries operates a vehicle restoration and a chemical plant inside St. Clair. The facility provides on-site classroom settings for academic/vocational educational programs through Gadsden State Community College. St. Clair also provides a total care medical infirmary with complete dental care, dialysis, a cancer unit, emergency room, and diagnostic services through a private medical contractor.


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Donaldson Correctional Facility

Opened: 1982

Warden: Cheryl Price

Phone: (205) 436-3681

Mailing Address: 100 Warrior Lane

                             Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

Street Address: 100 Warrior Lane Bessemer, AL 35023

Capacity: 1,492

William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility, officially opened in October 1982 as the West Jefferson Correctional Facility with a capacity of 700 minimum and medium custody inmates housed in dormitories, and 16 single cells. Subsequently, Donaldson was expanded to the current capacity, and has a 300-inmate segregation unit, which is the largest unit in the State of Alabama. Classified as a maximum-security institution, Donaldson specializes in controlling repeat and/or multiple violent offenders with lengthy sentences that are behaviorally difficult to manage, and several hundred inmates sentenced to life without parole. In addition, Donaldson has a death row with a capacity for 24 inmates that need to be incarcerated in the Birmingham judicial area.

Talladega Federal Correctional Institution

Opened: November 1979

Warden: John T. Rathman

Phone: (256) 315-4100

Mailing Address: 565 E Renfroe Rd, Talladega, AL ‎35160

Street Address: 565 E Renfroe Rd, Talladega, AL 35160

Capacity: 644

 The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) - FCI Talladega is a Medium security level facility housing male inmates with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp that also houses male offenders.

FCI Talladega is located facility 50 miles from Birmingham and 100 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.

Judicial District: Northern Alabama


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Aliceville Correctional Institution

Opened: 2012

Warden: Arcola Washington-Arducci

Phone: (205) 373-5000

Mailing Address: FCI ALICEVILLE


                           11070 HIGHWAY 14

                           ALICEVILLE, AL 35442

Street Address: 11070 HIGHWAY 14 Aliceville,AL 35422

Capacity: 1,500 low security 250 minimum security

The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) - Aliceville is a medium security institution for female inmates.
It's satellite camp houses minimum security female inmates.
This facility is located northwest of the town of Aliceville, Alabama, approximately 55 miles southwest of Tuscaloosa and 35 miles southeast of Columbus, MS.


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Rolling Hills Conference Center
Location of Kairos Outside Events

Opened: 1968

Owned and operated by the Alabama Churches of the Nazarene

Phone: (205) 668-1168

Mailing Address: 521 Highway 304

                            Calera, AL 35040

Street Address: 521 Highway 304, Calera, AL 35040

Website: http://rollinghillscamp.org/index.html

 Rolling Hills Conference Center and camp ground is the location for Kairos of Alabama Outside events are held. Rolling Hills was established in 1968 and is owned and operated by the Alabama Churches of the Nazarene. We exist to provide an atmosphere where people can experience God's grace.
Rolling Hills has 19 buildings on 83 acres that include: 17 Acre Lake, 2 Ponds, Pool, Family Life Center, Dining Hall, Lodge, Dorms, Activities Building, Sports Field, a full service RV Park and so much more. 


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Bibb Correctional Facility

Opened: 1997

Warden: Willie Thomas

Phone: (251) 368-8173

Mailing Address: 565 Bibb Lane

                             Brent, AL 35034

Street Address: 565 Bibb Lane Brent, AL 35034

Capacity: 1,896

Bibb County Correctional Facility is located within the city limits of Brent, Alabama, on approximately 250 acres of rural wetlands. Plans for Bibb originated during July 1991 of the Governor Guy Hunt-Commissioner Morris Thigpen administrative tenure, and construction began and progressed during the 1993-1994 Governor Jim Folsom-Commissioner Tommy Herring administration. In 1995, construction was halted during the early part of Governor Fob James-Commissioner Ron Jones administration and resumed under Commissioner Joe Hopper. In July 1997, inmates from the State Cattle Ranch and Elmore Correctional Facility were being transported daily to assist the contractors in the construction of the facility. On May 28, 1998, 75 minimum custody inmates were transferred to the facility and another 75 inmates the next day. During July 1998, another 150 inmates were transferred to the facility, and these 300 inmates helped complete the final construction and prepared the facility's official opening in October 1998. In October 1998, 600 medium and minimum custody inmates were received at the facility. On December 4, 2000, the facility began receiving additional inmates, receiving as many as 100 inmates a day. Reception of inmates continued until the facility was filled to capacity housing a total of 1824.

The primary objective at Bibb is to provide offenders with educational, substance abuse treatment and various self-improvement programs to enhance their productive return to society. Bibb County Correctional Facility also provides a total-care medical infirmary with complete dental care, emergency room, and diagnostic services through a private medical contractor. 


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Elmore Correctional Facility

Opened: 1981

Warden: Leeposey Daniels

Phone: (334) 567-1460

Mailing Address: 3520 Marion Spillway Road

                             Elmore, AL 36025

Street Address: 3520 Marion Spillway Rd Elmore, AL 36025

Capacity: 1,050

Elmore Correctional Facility originated as a temporary institution in 1981 using modular units for dormitories and a permanently constructed dining hall. During July 1991, three dormitories were constructed with a capacity for 300 inmates each. Additionally, a new kitchen has been added to the dining hall, and the old kitchen renovated into an administrative area. Elmore also has a laundry operation, a visiting area, a law library, substance abuse treatment area, and has a chapel currently under construction. The inmates have opportunity to participate in numerous religious, recreational, educational and self-help programs at Elmore. The facility is located just north of Montgomery in Elmore.

Elmore is the recycling headquarters for the Department, and also maintains compost for the local area. Inmates classified as minimum-in custody are required to work upon the institution's property while under the supervision of Department employees; whereas minimum-out inmates may work off the property under free world supervision. Inmates employed on renovation crews of the Alabama Correctional Industries are housed at their work sites until weekends and holidays when they are returned to the institution.


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Tutwiler Correctional Facility

Opened: 1942

Warden: Bobby Barrett

Phone: (334) 567-4369

Mailing Address: 8966 US Hwy 231 N

                            Wetumpka, AL 36092

Street Address: 8966 US Hwy 231 N Wetumpka, AL 36092

Capacity: 956

Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women was completed in December 1942, at a cost of $350,000 and had a capacity for 400 female inmates. The newer Tutwiler Prison replaced an older Tutwiler Prison for Women, which had been the state's first prison, the Wetumpka Prison, since it primarily maintained female inmates. The facility was named in honor of the "Angel of the Stockades", Julia S. Tutwiler, a noted Alabama educator and crusader for inmate education, classification, and improvement of prison conditions.
Since Tutwiler has a death row, it is a maximum-security prison. Tutwiler is also the receiving unit for all in-coming female inmates. The prison has nine dormitories, segregation and isolation units, a medical infirmary, and units for inmates who are pregnant or aged and/or infirmed. In addition, Tutwiler has an auditorium, a chapel, substance-abuse treatment, and administrative ancillary services.
Tutwiler's clothing factory manufactures inmate clothing items for the Department and county jails.

Staton Correctional Facility

Opened: 1978

Warden: Leon Forniss

Phone: (334) 567-2221

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 56

                            Elmore, AL 36025

Street Address: 2690 Marion Spillway Road Elmore, AL 36025

Capacity: 1,016

Staton Correctional Center opened in June 1978 as a medium security prison. Considered modern at the time, each of the four original dormitories was identical and contained three bays complete with toilet and bathing amenities. Each dorm had a centrally located control cubicle for electronically operated exit and entrance doors, lights, fans and individual bay doors. A similar dormitory was completed in 1989. A 12-foot chain link fence surrounds Staton. The fence has razor wire installed inside and on top of the fence and three guard towers enhance the perimeter security.

Staton provides emergency medical care and an observational unit for nearby Draper, Elmore, and Frank Lee. Additionally, Staton offers educational/vocational courses for ABE, college classes, a literacy program, auto body and heavy equipment repair, upholstery, welding, horticulture, barbering, and commercial food service. Staton also has a chapel, a law library, a regular library, staff psychologist for counseling, and a substance abuse treatment program.


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Draper Correctional Facility

Opened: 1939

Warden: Willie Thomas

Phone: (334) 567-2221

Mailing Address: 2828 Alabama Highway 143

                             Elmore, AL 36025

Street Address: 2828 Alabama Hwy 143 Elmore, AL 26025

Capacity: 1,145

Draper was constructed in 1939 with a capacity for 600 first-time male felony offenders. Located in Elmore County on State Highway 143, the facility replaced the Speigner Reformatory. The current inmate population is housed in seven dormitory-style cellblocks and a 47-inmate capacity segregation unit.
Draper's stated goal is to maintain an appropriate level of security that will eliminate escapes and present no dangerous threats to the community, while at the same time providing an adequate housing, education and productive work for the inmates. Each inmate has an assigned job within the institution, on a large farming operation, a furniture plant, or a vehicle garage.


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Holman Correctional Facility

Opened: 1969

Warden: Grantt Culliver

Phone: (251) 368-8173

Mailing Address: Holman 3700

                            Atmore, AL 36503-3700

Street Address: 866 Ross Road Atmore,AL 36503

Capacity: 998

 Holman Correctional Facility opened during December 1969, with a basic capacity for 520 medium custody inmates that also included a 20 death row cellblock. It was constructed for $5,000,000 during Governor Lurleen Wallace and Commissioner James T. Hagen's administration. Named in honor of a former warden William C. Holman, it is located in southwest Escambia County, nine miles north of Atmore on State Highway 21.
Holman currently maintains 630 general population beds, 200 single cells, and 168 death row cells for a capacity of 998 maximum through minimum custody inmates to include a large contingency of "life without parole" inmates. The death chamber is located at Holman where all executions are conducted. Holman also operates two major correctional industries within the facility's parameter, a tag plant and a metal fabrication plant. 


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Fountain Correctional Facility

Opened: 1955

Warden: Jerry Ferrell

Phone: (251) 368-8122

Mailing Address: Fountain 3800

                            Atmore, AL 36503-3800

Street Address: 9677 Hwy 21 N Atmore, AL 36503

Capacity: 1,109

G.K. Fountain Correctional Facility originated in 1928 as the Moffett Prison Farm, later renamed Atmore Prison Farm until it burned in 1949. The facility was eventually rebuilt in 1955 and has a capacity for 855 medium custody inmates. The facility was named in honor of an officer killed in the line of duty. Located on 8,200 acres about seven miles north of Atmore on State Highway 21, Fountain maintains cattle, agricultural operations, and vegetable gardens. Additionally, the facility offers vocational programs through the nearby Jefferson Davis Community College. Fountain has an annual budget of approximately $8,132,000.


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